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Hey, so I’ve finally gotten around to making this official…
You guys know how this sort of thing works, right? I will give you the guidelines of how to request and a list of what you can request at the bottom. ‘Kay?
I write for my own personal joy and practice. I take time out of my busy days to be able to practice my writing skills, and I am opening my writing services to you freely. If you are able to send me a llama badge or even some points as thanks, then holy cow I would appreciate that. It’s NOT NECESSARY; it’d just be super nice of you.
Thank you.
I will be giving the options of two types of requests; STANDARD or PERSONAL requests.
A standard request is as it sounds; very basic.
If you have a specific ship (romantic, BROTP, or otherwise) within a show/story and you want to read some sweet fluff, or general tom-foolery, this is your option.
If you want a ge
:iconxxmygenerationxx:XxmygenerationxX 7 24
Lavi ~ Baka Usagi
“You’re an idiot.”
“You love me.”
“You’re going to kill yourself.”
“I’ve done it before!”
An annoyed sigh escaped your lips as you watched the red-haired moron attempt to scale a bookshelf. That idiot was going to get himself killed for the sake of a book. You didn’t even need the book that badly!
“Lavi, please stop. You’re going to fall, it’ll make a mess, and I don’t want to have to scrape ‘Rabbit’ goo off the floor.”
You were being patronising to hide your tremendous fear for his safety. Under that condescending layer that you were flaunting, you were terrified.
Lavi is an idiot Bookman in training, true. But he’s your idiot Bookman to be- he’s your best friend.
Baka Usagi.
“Don’t worry! This bookshelf is nothing- it’s only small! Don’t worry; this is a small task- nothing to be concerned with!”
“Lavi, that b
:iconxxmygenerationxx:XxmygenerationxX 7 16
Devit- Marker by XxmygenerationxX Devit- Marker :iconxxmygenerationxx:XxmygenerationxX 16 3 Kanda Yu by XxmygenerationxX Kanda Yu :iconxxmygenerationxx:XxmygenerationxX 42 25 Gaara- Insanity by XxmygenerationxX Gaara- Insanity :iconxxmygenerationxx:XxmygenerationxX 91 28 Lavi by XxmygenerationxX Lavi :iconxxmygenerationxx:XxmygenerationxX 214 42 Deidara Wallpaper by XxmygenerationxX Deidara Wallpaper :iconxxmygenerationxx:XxmygenerationxX 43 14 Gerard Way by XxmygenerationxX Gerard Way :iconxxmygenerationxx:XxmygenerationxX 61 40 Gaara by XxmygenerationxX Gaara :iconxxmygenerationxx:XxmygenerationxX 57 19 Sabaku no Gaara - Wallpaper by XxmygenerationxX Sabaku no Gaara - Wallpaper :iconxxmygenerationxx:XxmygenerationxX 27 8
Coyote Starrk ~ Pranks and Pillows
~Pranks and Pillows~
It was sometime late in the afternoon in Hueco Mundo and I could feel something prodding harshly against the side of my body, as I remained sprawled across a series of large pillows and blankets that I called a bed. I groaned in discomfort and tapped away what felt a lot like a hand before I rolled over onto one side.
The same thing happened again, this time a little more viciously. I let out an aggravated groan and waved my fist about randomly in a pointless attempt to smack whoever it was that had decided to interrupt m nap.
The same thing happened again before I grabbed whoever's hand it was and pulled them down to my eye level. I slowly cracked open one eye and peered grumpily at the glistening blue orb in front of me.
"Hello, Grimmjow…" I mumbled lazily, one of numerous pillows muffling my already groggy voice further.
"Morning, Kitomi…" he greeted with a sly grin, "Are you getting up any time soon?" He asked already knowing the answer. It was poin
:iconxxmygenerationxx:XxmygenerationxX 53 29
Akasuna no Sasori by XxmygenerationxX Akasuna no Sasori :iconxxmygenerationxx:XxmygenerationxX 68 21
Fun With The Akatsuki - 7
Chapter 7
"Is everybody ready?"
Pein had gathered us all in the living room to get ready to leave. We all had at least 3 suitcases each, all filled with heaven knows what and we were desperate to know how we were all meant to get ourselves, let alone all the luggage, to Pein's little Island paradise.
"Yeah, pretty much!" I smiled, "But, how are we getting there?" I asked innocently, my head cocked to one side.
"Simple, we're going to get there through our teleportation jutsu," Konan informed me softly, a kind smile dusting her features,
"Great!" I chirped,
"When do we leave?" Itachi asked smoothly,
"Now," With that, Pein snapped his fingers and in a great puff of smoke, the entire Akatsuki were taken to a beautiful island surrounded by crystal blue water. It was bright and sunny, the grass was a lush green and the trees decorated the scene perfectly. The mansion truly was great. It had 2 floors and a large porch, covered in flowers. There was a pool and a small Jetty along w
:iconxxmygenerationxx:XxmygenerationxX 11 11
Devit by XxmygenerationxX Devit :iconxxmygenerationxx:XxmygenerationxX 102 20 Itachi - Blood Stained Memory by XxmygenerationxX Itachi - Blood Stained Memory :iconxxmygenerationxx:XxmygenerationxX 34 4
Fun With The Akatsuki - 6
I groaned in a sleepy daze and rubbed my eyes with my tired arms. I could hear muffled shouts echoing through the door, probably from Tobi and Deidara yelling about something again. Maybe it was Kakuzu and Hidan, who knew, everyone fought like married couples anyway. The vacation was sure to relieve some stress for them. I'd probably get to know them a little better, so the hectic screams were probably a good sign…
I stretched slowly, still lying down in my fluffy bed. I sighed loudly and pulled my self up; a little too fast, apparently, because everything started to spin. I felt rather dizzy and I ended up falling onto the floor with a rather loud 'thud'.
"Ow, damn it…" I groaned gruffly, rubbing my sides and closing my eyes. There was a quick knock at the door and Itachi peered in, scanning the area with his sharingan and giving me an odd look when he found me sprawled on the floor.
"Remika? What are you doing?" He asked softly, moving to help me up. He wrapped his arms aro
:iconxxmygenerationxx:XxmygenerationxX 5 29


- Cullen - by Anathematixs - Cullen - :iconanathematixs:Anathematixs 848 64 Cullen no by Greendelle
Mature content
Cullen no :icongreendelle:Greendelle 312 31
Intruder by yuhime Intruder :iconyuhime:yuhime 721 283 Cheese For Everyone by Isriana Cheese For Everyone :iconisriana:Isriana 1,422 310
Mature content
Too Many Mornings [Warden!Alistair x Warden!Amell] :iconbluster-squall:bluster-squall 54 16
The Theirin Heir - Past, Present, Future by aimo The Theirin Heir - Past, Present, Future :iconaimo:aimo 3,549 294 Dragon Age Inquisition: portraits by Bory-Einfrost Dragon Age Inquisition: portraits :iconbory-einfrost:Bory-Einfrost 931 34 Dragon Age - Blood in Ferelden by tycarey Dragon Age - Blood in Ferelden :icontycarey:tycarey 2,074 127 Dragon Age Trading Cards by DeannaEchanique Dragon Age Trading Cards :icondeannaechanique:DeannaEchanique 975 177 Dragon Age II Hawkes by virak Dragon Age II Hawkes :iconvirak:virak 836 19 Dragon Age: Long Lost Sisters by Nightlyre Dragon Age: Long Lost Sisters :iconnightlyre:Nightlyre 1,617 256 Dragon Age anime style Leliana by virak Dragon Age anime style Leliana :iconvirak:virak 1,887 129 Dragon Age-The Antivan Crow by love-squad Dragon Age-The Antivan Crow :iconlove-squad:love-squad 3,565 798 Dragon Age 2: LESBIANS by o-rlyization Dragon Age 2: LESBIANS :icono-rlyization:o-rlyization 1,409 204 Dragon Age - Hawke by YamaOrce Dragon Age - Hawke :iconyamaorce:YamaOrce 1,384 85 Dragon Age SPOILER WARNING by shortfury Dragon Age SPOILER WARNING :iconshortfury:shortfury 1,833 250


XxmygenerationxX has started a donation pool!
166 / 700
I'd really appreciate your help! :iconrainbowheartplz:

Just trying to raise points becasue why the hell not?

If you donate, then I will give you something in return, just ask away! You will get a llama badge of course ;)

1 point(s): Llama badge. :clap:
5 point(s):Llama badge and ONE request.
10+ point(s): Llama Badge, requested drawing/story (multiple depending on donation), added to my watch list.

:iconpervylaviplz: :iconpervynarutoplz:
Also, If you do donate, I'll be sure to check out some of your work. It's the very least I can do. :)


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I have SO many friends, many of which are on Deviant!
One of which who is absolutely amazing, one of my greatest friends; :iconnevershoutlibbeh: <3 loveyou hunnn x3
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There's not really much to write (lazyyyyyyy)
but yeah, if you want to know anything about me then feel free to message me!


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First of all thanks to everytone who has submitted a One-Shot request to me! I'm so happy and feel really honoured that you want em to write something super special for you! Thank you even more to those of you that donated! You didn't have to, so your generosity means even more to me!

I am so very sorry that I've been really inactive lately. There are more requests than I anticipated and I have this horrible thing with perfection.

I'm putting a great deal of effort into these and I want them to be perfect! I promise that the second I feel they're up to scratch I will post them and notify you immediately.

You should know I have made solid starts on every single request, it's just a matter of time, and eliminating writers block with LOADS of tea.

I'm sorry again that it's taken so many weeks! Thanks again for all your patience and support! :)

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