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“You’re an idiot.”
“You love me.”
“You’re going to kill yourself.”
“I’ve done it before!”

An annoyed sigh escaped your lips as you watched the red-haired moron attempt to scale a bookshelf. That idiot was going to get himself killed for the sake of a book. You didn’t even need the book that badly!
“Lavi, please stop. You’re going to fall, it’ll make a mess, and I don’t want to have to scrape ‘Rabbit’ goo off the floor.”
You were being patronising to hide your tremendous fear for his safety. Under that condescending layer that you were flaunting, you were terrified.
Lavi is an idiot Bookman in training, true. But he’s your idiot Bookman to be- he’s your best friend.
Baka Usagi.
“Don’t worry! This bookshelf is nothing- it’s only small! Don’t worry; this is a small task- nothing to be concerned with!”
“Lavi, that bookshelf reaches the ceiling.”
“Big whoop. What does it want, a medal?”
You shook your head. That moron.
“Get down and we’ll go find the ladder!” You pleaded,
“No point- I’ve almost got it.” His voice echoed, ringing out through the oversized library. He was so high up an on such a narrow shelf…
You twisted your hands together nervously. Why did he have to be such a stupid, wonderfully nice, and gorgeous in every way boy?
“Be careful!” You squeaked. God, that’s the worst thing to say to anyone in any situation. Of course he was going to be careful!
“A-ha! Got it!” He sang proudly, pulling a pale blue book from the towering shelf. His broad grin was clearly visible even at such a tremendous height. His grin suddenly dropped and he fumbled on the bookshelf.
“Lavi!” You screamed, your breath short. Laughter echoed softly from above.
“Gotcha~” He giggled. You huffed angrily.
“Jeez, Lavi. If you don’t fall and die then I’ll kill you when you get down here!” You threatened. He just laughed at your empty words and slowly descended from the shelf.
“Yeah, well that’s what you get for not believing in my amazing skills at retrieving books.” His boot clad feet landed on the ground with a soft thud.
“I do believe in you, I just wish you weren’t such an idiot…” You muttered. He smiled.
“One book for my dearest friend…” He teased holding the thick bound book out towards you. You shook your head with a sigh and folded your arms over your chest. His steps towards you grew slower until he finally stopped, waving the book in your face. “What, so I went to all that trouble to get you this book and you don’t even want it?!” His teasing continued.
“What happened to it being nothing; to it being a small task?” You retorted. A smile cracked over his face.
“Any job that I can do to help you, I can do in a snap. You don’t even have to ask.” You let out a long breath through your nose before taking the book out of his hand. Naturally, you smacked him a few times with it, only to have him laugh at your meagre attempts at causing injury. “Did you get slack, or what? You could knock me out with that!” He put his hands on his hips and leaned in, continuing his teasing ways, “Does someone care about me?” You twiddled the pale blue book that was filled with fairytales from your childhood in your shaky fingers.
You wrapped your arms around his torso as a silent thank you. You felt his chest rumble with soft laughter as a pair of strong arms encased you, his warmth enveloping your body in a hug.
“I love you too…” He muttered into your hair.

“Hey, Lavi?”
“I still don’t see why you didn’t just go and get the ladder.”
Lavi ~ Baka Usagi
An older one-shot I wrote a while ago and have just tweaked a little. I'm really happy with this one, but I am sorry that it's so short!
I hope you enjoyed it! Comments and any critiques you may have are greatly appreciated!

Slowly getting back into the whole 'writing groove' and I will be taking requests as soon as I've sorted myself out!~

Thank you very much!
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To the few watchers that still follow me because they either couldn't be bothered clicking unfollow, or because they're holding onto the hope that I'll post something soon; thank you.

I'm slowly getting back into writing (more than drawing) and I'm working on various short stories/ one-shots.

I will be completeing requests that have been waiting for AGES, and continuing some old projects. Thank you so much for bearing with me, and I hope I can bring you some amusement in the near future.

Thank you!~
~Chapter 2

‘Taiyō no me’ I thought quickly to myself. I had been saving my unique eye jutsu for this sort of incident.
‘That could be what they’re after, too…’
I blinked and suddenly my eyes became a stunning gold and yellow colour as I stared at the now glaring men. I could see their different coloured chakra trails surrounding each of them and focused on finding a weakness. The Blonde ‘Barbie wannabe’ pulled himself up off the ground and practically flew towards me. His chakra emanated strongly from his hands and chest.
“Deidara!” Itachi yelled at him to stop but it was too late. I ran forward the slightest bit and looked up into his eye, catching him in my Genjutsu. I smirked a little as the scene changed to a deep navy blue around us and I began to think of ways to torment the poor blonde. Before I could begin I was knocked away by none other than the wanted Uchiha. I flew into a tree and slid down onto my feet.
‘My genjutsu won’t work properly with three of them at once… I need to deal with the Uchiha first…’
I curled into a crouch and leapt into the air throwing my kunai as I did so, and spinning around with my leg held out to earn him a solid kick in the face. He dodged the kunai but not my foot and I caught him on the nose. As he was knocked onto the ground with his nose apparently broken, I turned my golden gaze to the red head who stood as if nothing was happening. I smirked and ran for him keeping my eyes open and attempted to lock on with his, but before I knew it, he had summoned a puppet which was in front of me instead of him. I brought my arms up and crossed them over my face to try and deflect the obstruction. As I crashed into the puppet I was pushed back slightly, as was it. I pulled out several shuriken and pushed my feet into the ground. I threw some of the shuriken at the puppet and jumped to throw the rest.
“Fire style; Fireball Jutsu!” I yelled performing the hand seals as fire bubbled up inside of me. I was pushed back in the air as the fire ball burned out of my mouth and singed the puppet.
I couldn’t use my best techniques yet. I had to fid their weaknesses first…
The red head pulled into a crouch as his eyes narrowed. With a small flick of his fingers, the puppet was perfectly able again and was flung towards me. I dodged the deadly lump of wood and disappeared in a gust of wind and sand to get closer to the puppeteer. I leapt over the puppet and landed on the ground in front of the gorgeous puppeteer and ran towards him, revealing myself in doing so. His mouth opened slightly as he jumped back to dodge me. Suddenly I felt something strange fall onto my arm. My eyes snapped towards my left shoulder where a small bird had perched on my shoulder. But it wasn’t a normal bird. It was made of something like clay. I recognised a similar bird flying out from the trees earlier… My eyes widened and I tried hastily to flick it off of me. I managed to flick the small sculpture off my shoulder and onto the ground beside me as a voice yelled out “KATSU!” An array of bright colours and explosions filled the air as I was knocked back onto the ground. My ears rang and my head spun wildly. I groaned as I tried to pull myself back up with great difficulty. I flinched in pain and was smashed back into the ground causing more bolts of pain to shoot through my entire body. I gritted my teeth and closed my eyes tightly as one of the men held me down with one hand on my shoulder and the other near my neck. He sat on top of my waist to make sure I was pinned securely. I opened my eyes slightly to see the dark Uchiha staring down at me with his blood red sharingan locking with my golden orbs. I glared with what energy I could to earn a small twitch at the corner of his mouth.
“Do you mind?” I spat harshly holding my small glare at him. The red head walked over towards us as he put his puppet away while the blonde named Deidara smiled widely at me. “Not at all, now will you come peacefully or will we have to knock you unconscious?” The raven haired Uchiha replied simply as he stared down nonchalantly.
It really pissed me off how all of the Uchihas seemed to do that.
“Ugh, what’s with you Uchiha’s and sitting on people? Is this a sick habit that runs in your family?” I growled. Itachi’s face remained unchanged. The red-head stared blankly and the blonde grinned.
“Habit, huh? You get sat on by a lot of Uchiha’s do you, un?” He wiggled his eyebrows and turned his attention to Itachi, “I thought you wiped out the rest of your family? Didn’t do a very good job, hmm?”
“Shut up, brat. You know that his brother is alive…” The red-head scolded. He looked almost agitated.
“Whatever, Danna. Now girlie…” He shrugged off the redhead and gave me a small smile, “You’d better come long now. We don’t want to hurt you more than we’ve got to, yeah…”
I sighed and pouted a little making the blonde bombshell smile even wider at me. “Fine. Whatever.” I mumbled, giving in. Frankly I didn’t need a sore head, because by the way it looked, these guys were rough. If I didn’t decide to come quietly I’d probably end up with broken ribs. The last thing I needed was broken ribs.

Itachi pulled himself off me and pulled my hands behind my back.
“I can take her, yeah. I’ll carry her to the base.” Deidara volunteered. With that, Itachi sighed and gave me to Deidara who threw me over his shoulder.
“Oh great…’ I mumbled. Deidara sniggered and started walking with the red head by his side and Itachi a little further ahead. I looked curiously at the red haired man and his tired expression. He seemed emotionless but so adorable at the same time, reminding me a lot of Sabuku no Gaara. Mostly the hair and the way his eyes seemed to droop.
“Hey…” I spoke softly to grasp the red heads attention. He turned to me boredly and stared. “Who are you?” I asked resting my head in my hands with my elbows propped up against Deidara’s back.
“Akasuna no Sasori; Sasori of the Red Sand” He replied simply.
“As in, the great puppet master from Suna? Cool. You look like a sand kid…” I exclaimed happily. Sasori briefly nodded and returned to look ahead.
“What you mean by ‘you look like a sand kid’?” He muttered the question.
“To be honest, you look like a friend of mine from there… but you also have a sand-beaten look to you. Sorry, that sounds stupid…” I shook my head, embarrassed.
“Hn…” That was his only response.
“I’ve always been curious about puppets…” I thought out load with a far away gaze in my eyes. Sasori turned and tilted his head back a bit to stare at me, “I was supposed to finish training with them soon…”
“If you make it into the Akatsuki then I can show you my puppets if you like?” He offered in a lazy tone. I turned back to him and beamed.
“Masters of Puppetry are hard to come by. If there’s a chance you’re any good then I might as well do something about it…” He muttered, apparently bored by everything.
“Thanks, that’d be… awesome!” I chimed happily as Deidara sniggered. “What’s so funny, Blondie?” I asked staring at him.
“First of all, you’re blonde too, and second of all, puppets are no match for my art, yeah!” he exclaimed with a smirk. I scowled at him with a small pout while Sasori just… glared.
“Brat, you don’t know anything about Art. Art is Eternal; it is beauty that stands the test of time.” Sasori argued with hate dripping from his words.
“Danna, you’re all wrong, Art is something that lasts for only a short time before withering away. It’s supposed to be fleeting; Art is a BANG! un!” Deidara argued right back but with a little more enthusiasm.
Then it began.
The two bickered between themselves about art for a while before I got fed up. “ENOUGH!” I exclaimed staring at the two of them. “Are you two always like this? Jeez, I’m into art too but you don’t see me screaming about it! And I am NOT blonde. I’m strawberry blonde, there’s a difference…” I pointed out to Deidara.
“Tch, yeah, a very light difference, hmm” He scoffed.
“The difference is that I’m not an idiot. At least I don’t look like a Barbie doll…” I mumbled.
“What did you just say, un!?” He growled harshly at me and tightened his grip around my legs and lower waist. I squeaked slightly and smacked him in the back.
“Pervert, don’t grab me like that!” I spat as I kicked a little too. Sasori sighed and nudged Deidara who turned to pout at his ‘Danna’. Sasori gave him a small glance which made Deidara whine like a 3 year old.
“But she started it, yeah!” Sasori rolled his eyes and sighed while I crossed my arms and looked around at the scenery. We were headed for the training grounds, but we were headed in a way that nobody ever really went. Nobody was around to see me crazy kidnappers which made me feel a little more hopeless.
“Great, my kidnappers are a psychotic blonde bombshell who is clearly a Barbie wannabe, a red head puppet master who looks like he desperately needs some sleep, and an Uchiha. A FUCKING UCHIHA! God and I thought Sasuke was bad…This couldn’t be worse…” I exclaimed. Suddenly they stopped and Itachi was right in front of my face as I was still flopped over Deidara’s shoulder. I gulped as he stared at me with his crimson orbs.
“An Uchiha is a bad thing?” He quirked an eyebrow as he placed two fingers under my chin to tilt my head up. I kept my cool and stared back at him, still keeping my Taiyō no me on.
“It depends on the Uchiha. Are you cocky and slightly annoying or are you smart enough to learn not to piss me off?” I shot back calmly keeping my face expressionless. Itachi tilted his head to the side slightly and released my chin with a small “hmm”. I sighed softly and closed my eyes. “Um, why did we stop?” I asked opening my golden orbs and looking around. The training ground they’d stopped at wasn’t just an empty one. It looked like it had been disused for years.
“Sasori Danna, can you hold Remika while I create the transportation, hmm?” Deidara asked politely and Sasori gently took me from him, holding me bridal style. I stared up at the lazy puppet master and then back at Deidara.
“Transportation?” I raised an eyebrow while watching the excited blonde carefully. He placed his hand in his pouch and pulled something out. He held out his hand to reveal a mouth chewing something up. My eyes widened as I stared in awe at the mouth. The chakra pulsing within his hand alone was phenomenal.  Deidara chuckled at my reaction and the mouth spat out a soft piece of clay onto the palm of his hand. “Watch this, un…” He smirked as he moulded a small bird perfectly and threw it onto the ground. In a puff of smoke the once miniature clay sculpture became a huge bird that was big enough to ride on. I couldn’t help but let out a small “wow” as I watched the bird’s wings flap.
“Impressed, hmm?” Deidara asked with a small smile. I half nodded still not taking my eyes off of his creation. Sasori sighed and rolled his eyes and Itachi walked to his side. “Are we going to leave now?” The Uchiha spoke calmly with absolutely no expression hinting his voice.
Seriously, was it something about being brothers, or did ALL Uchiha’s do that?!
Deidara let out a small ‘hmph’ and jumped onto the bird with Itachi following behind. Sasori hesitated but slowly walked over to the bird. “What’s wrong, Danna? Why aren’t you getting on, hmm?” Deidara questioned with a small tilt of his head. I too turned to the Sandy puppeteer.
“I don’t like to fly, you know that Brat.” He growled in a low tone.
“I wouldn’t really want to jump on that thing either.” I agreed, eyeing the bird, “In my very short experience with you weirdos, I’ve learned that ‘Barbie’s’ birdies blow up in quite spectacular fashion.”
Sasori nodded in agreement.
‘Great. Stall them. Maybe someone will come by and help you out…’
“Oh come on Danna, It’s the fastest way to get there, yeah! We’re riding this bird, I’m not gonna blow it up!” Deidara complained. With a small sigh, Sasori reluctantly stepped onto the bird and gently set me down.
‘No, no, no! Don’t get on the bird, damn you! Stay!’
I eyed the ground beneath the stationary bird.
‘I could roll off and run… maybe scream for help a bit…’ That wasn’t enough of a plan, though. One of them would come and catch me. They were fast. However, there wasn’t really much to lose…
As the red-head carefully sat down, clearly uncomfortable with his position, I pushed my feet into the bird and leapt off the clay mound. I could hear Itachi sigh as I ran full speed towards the nearest building. Feet thrummed across the ground behind me and I knew I was really in for it. I made a sharp turn and ran up a tree, leaping through the foliage and high into the sky. I couldn’t see anyone close by. At least, not close enough to see me. There was a rustle behind me and Itachi followed me into the air. He crashed into my torso, sending me flying a few feet with his hand on my shoulder. Landing on the ground with a firm thud, I kicked up into his stomach. The feeble attempt to remove his grip on my shoulder failed as he avoided my kick and hoisted me up into the air. His arm wrapped around my waist and he held me at his side like a rag-doll.
“Get off of me!” I hissed. He clamped one hand over my mouth and glared straight ahead. I tried biting and licking his hand to get him to let go, but he refused. I followed his gaze and saw a little boy, watching horrified from behind a run-down shack. My eyes widened and I struggled in Itachi’s grip.
‘Come one, kid. Be brave. Be brave for me. Go get help!’ I desperately pleaded with my eyes. Itachi took a step forward and I flailed my legs about wildly. I landed a kick in his back and he glared down at me in response. His hand slipped from my mouth and pointed at the boy.
“You’re going to come with me now, or this boy won’t live a second longer…”
“You… You wouldn’t…” A stupid statement, I’ll admit. It was clear that he would. He wiped out a whole clan- his own clan. One little boy wouldn’t make a difference to him…
“Get out of here! Go!” I screamed at the kid. His wide brown eyes blinked once, then twice. His little legs shook and he turned and ran. I grabbed Itachi’s arm.
“Leave the kid. Please…” I hissed. I was sick to my stomach.
“You’ll come willingly?” he set me on the ground but refused to remove his hand from my waist.
“I’ll never be willing, but I’ll follow if I must.” I spat out. His eyes narrowed and he pulled me to his side.
“Good.” His grip tightened and he pulled me onto his back. He sprinted back towards the training grounds where his two comrades waited.
“What a bother…” Sasori muttered, folding his arms over his chest impatiently.
“There’ll be no more trouble from this one…” Itachi threw me onto the bird and leapt up to join us.
“You’re quite sure?” Sasori eyed me more carefully.
“Absolutely…” Itachi’s response didn’t stop Sasori from keeping a careful eye on me.
“Great, let’s go, un!” With that, the birds wings began to flap and the giant sculpture rose from the ground. I sat closely in between Deidara and Itachi with Sasori just opposite. I became slightly tense as I looked down at the scenery below me. We were getting really high up and I was getting nervous. Itachi gave me a small sideways glance and grabbed my hand. I gasped and flinched at his touch and spun around with my eyes wide.
“You can turn your eye jutsu off now. We aren’t going to do anything more to hurt you…” he told me with his sharingan piercing my eyes.
“I don’t think so…” I replied smoothly with a cold tone. Just as the words left my lips, he turned his sharingan off. My eyes widened and I became puzzled, staring at the apparently stupid Uchiha.
“There, if I can turn mine off then I think you can do the same… I have more reason to keep mine on, remember?” His voice was calm and showed no sign of any emotion whatsoever. But he was right. I carefully turned off my jutsu and crossed my legs Indian style. Itachi’s lips curved up slightly at the corner and he released my hand gently. Sasori stared at me for a long time which I elected to ignore, but that was easier said than done. His chocolate brown eyes seemed to stare deep into me as if he was searching for something. Talent? Power? Anything that would explain why ‘Leader’ would want me? Whatever the reason, it was still kinda creepy. I turned to look at Deidara who was perched near the front of the bird with his long hair blowing in the breeze.
“Hey, um, can I ask, what’s with the mouth on your hand?” I asked quietly, afraid that I was being rude to someone who was apparently dangerous. Not to mention insane.
“Oh, I have one on each hand, un. They’re perfect for making my art!” he smiled holding his hands out to me. The mouths opened and two tongues poked out at me and licked around his palm. He shoved one into his pouch and showed me as it chewed the clay. When it was soft and easy to work with, he moulded it carefully into a small bird, very similar to the one we were riding on, and held it out in front of me. “It won’t blow up in my face will it?” I asked rather seriously with a wide eyed expression on my face as I stared down at the pretty sculpture. Deidara chuckled lightly;
“No, not unless I tell it to, un.” I looked up at him and then back to the bird. I bit my lip and gently took the delicate sculpture from him. It was smooth and flawless in my soft hands. It was amazing.
“Deidara, it’s great! It’s so… creative… You’re brilliant at this!” I complimented him softly as I admired the model bird. He beamed widely at me and shot a small smirk at Sasori who was glaring violently at him. Probably about the whole ‘Art’ thing…
Suddenly the bird came to life in my palm and started to fly around my head. It took of into the air above us and exploded into a small array of colour. I breathed out in awe as the glowing sparks shone delicately. Sasori scoffed slightly and turned away with his lip pulled up into a sort of disgusted look.
“What? Is there something wrong?” I asked raising an eyebrow.
“You call that art?” He directed at Deidara who glared at the puppeteer. I rolled my eyes, already knowing where this argument was heading… again.
“Yeah, just like you call your puppets art. I respect your opinion, Danna, but I don’t deny that my form of art is superior, un” Deidara shot back. I turned to Itachi who groaned and shut his eyes.
“Not again…” he muttered before running one hand through his long bangs that framed his face. His fingers fell on the bridge of his nose and he massaged the front of his head, as if nursing a violent head-ache.
‘They really argue about this a lot, then?’ I thought as I looked between the blonde and the red head.
“Listen Brat, your art is not superior to mine and it never will be and that’s a fact!” Sasori spat violently.
“Who are you to say that it isn’t, hmm?” Deidara yelled back.
“I’m a true artist and you are clearly not. You don’t even know what art is! Art is beauty and you clearly have no understanding of what beauty is!” Sasori argued angrily.
“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…” I cut in softly.
Itachi opened his eyes and all three of them stared at me. I looked up at them nervously and bit my lip. “What? You each have your own perception of what beauty is. Deidara, you think that art is fleeting while Sasori, you think that art is everlasting. You’re both right and each is as brilliant as the other.” The two bickering artists stared at each other, and then back to me. Itachi listened intently to what I was saying even though he had no care for the matter anyway. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You can’t say one’s better than the other because they’re both brilliant to the person perceiving it… It’s always going to be different…” I finished.
“Remika, um… wow, un…” Deidara was lost for words as he stared at me with his mouth agape. It seemed nobody had ever just taken the middle ground with them. Sasori stayed silent as he examined me some more which seemed like his way of being lost for words.
“Well, at least you shut them up…” Itachi congratulated me with a small smirk playing on his lips.
“What’s your perception of it?” He asked, dark eyes locking with my bright blue orbs. I stopped and thought for a moment. What was my perception of art…?
“I- I don’t really have a solid opinion like Sasori or Deidara. I just create whatever I see, feel or want and appreciate whatever I like.” I replied carefully, looking up at the reactions.
“Hmm…” Sasori grunted.
“Simple, but decent…” Itachi thought out load. I smiled gently at his remark while Deidara stared at me. I didn’t notice that he was glaring at the Uchiha as well.
“Your nose is still broken by the way…” I pointed out to Itachi. He went to touch his nose but I gently smacked his hand away. “Let me…” I muttered placing my glowing green hand over his nose with care. I felt the bone click back into place and pulled away while Itachi pinched his nose carefully.
“Thank you” He said softly.
“You’re welcome; it’s the least I can do seeing as I broke it…” I giggled earning a smile from Deidara and a small twitch at the lips from Sasori and Itachi.
I really couldn’t afford the piss them off. So far they seemed to have relaxed. Trying to befriend them was starting to work.
‘As soon as we land, I can run for it. Maybe… if I’m quick… But it didn’t really work last time Damn, I’m screwed.’
“We’re nearly there, yeah!” Deidara informed us. We were hovering over an emerald green forest that seemed to shimmer and gleam in the midday sun. It was bright and the sky was a pretty baby blue with no clouds at all. It surprised me that they weren’t caught when they left.
“You three are from the Akatsuki right? I’m sure that’s the cloak that symbols Akatsuki.” I asked staring at the dark cloaks, finally remembering the name of the organisation.
“That’s correct, so I suppose you know who some of the others are?” Sasori confirmed. I shrugged and looked back down at the forest.
“I’m pretty sure that there are at least another 6 of you…” I replied softly.
“Close but there are 7, un!” Deidara chuckled. “Which ones do you know of, hmm?”
“Kisame Hoshigaki; from Kirigakure. The swordsman…” My eyes briefly travelled to Itachi. He nodded, urging me to continue, “There’s a ‘Zetsu’ guy; he looks a lot like a Venus fly trap, Hidan; A Jashinist from Yugakure, Kakuzu; who hails from Takigakure and has many hearts, and there are two others whose names escape me, but they’re from Amegakure. Why, who’d I miss?” I clarified.
“Very good, but there is one that I’m not surprised you don’t know about. Tobi.” Itachi praised.
“Yes, He’s new to the Akatsuki and is…”
“Annoying, yeah!” Deidara interrupted Itachi quickly with a slight twitch in his visible blue eye.
“How did you know about the rest?” Sasori queried softly, eyeing me carefully.
“Apart from the fact you’re all listed in the bingo book?” Sasori seemed unfazed by my slight sass, “Research from scouts and other sources gave the higher-ups basic profiles for most of you. Sightings from here and there gave us more information than what we already had…” I responded calmly.
“That information is for higher-ups, you say?” Deidara leaned in towards me, “So how did you get your hands on it, hmm?”
“Idiot, you would know this is you’d read her file…” Sasori sighed, averting his gaze away from his partner.
“File?” Deidara and I sung out in unison.
“You said you were given my age, photo, and name. I doubt that information could fill a file.” I felt almost violated. How much had they actually learned?
“Of course we said that. It would have seemed more impressive if we defeated you easily with no knowledge of your skill…” Itachi mumbled.
“Sneaky bastards…” I hissed. Itachi narrowed his eyes,
“You’re one to talk. You had information on us, too.” He had a point. I knew about Itachi, of course. He was a serious name in Konoha. Deidara had a serious reputation, but Sasori I didn’t recognise. The master of puppets was never described as a young red-head. He was always listed as a short, older man from all the sightings.
“Why are you staring?” Sasori stared blankly back at me.
“You look nothing like the reports said…” There wasn’t much point in dodging the question, “You always got described as short. Very short, in fact. Older, too.”
“I usually travel in one of my puppets named Hiruko. He’s under repairs at the moment…” He drifted off, almost ashamed. Could his puppet have been badly damaged? Yes. I could tell. His damaged puppet had damaged his pride, too.
“Well, you seem to have a decent idea of who our current members are…” Itachi muttered to himself.
“Current? Do you plan on expanding, or have you decreased in numbers?” I questioned. Any information from them was good information.
“We did have Orochimaru but Deidara replaced him when he was forced to leave.” Sasori added in. I flinched at the name. Orochimaru.
My jaw clenched and my fists tightened. “Remika? Are you alright, hmm?” Deidara questioned noticing my reaction to his name.
“I’m fine. Like many people, I have an extreme hatred towards the slimy asshole.” I answered calming down.
“Fair enough, yeah. We’re here by the way…” he chuckled landing the bird gently into the sea of green.
Fun with the Akatsuki - 2
Chapter 2! x)

Sorry that the italics don't show up, I'm working on it, but you get the idea.
Remika has been confronted by three members of the criminal organisation; Akatsuki. Deidara, Sasori and Itachi are now battling it out with her. WHO SHALL WIN???

Thanks for the comments and views and so on, it means a lot to me :)
I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing.

EDIT: Hey-ho. Here's the re-written chapter two. I felt like Remika went along with them too easily, and that's not something she'd do. She's sneaky and she's a fighter. Time to watch her make these boys work hard. Enjoy~~
Chapter 1

“Ugh. What the hell is wrong with me!?” I snapped, throwing another kunai at an unsuspecting dummy and missing by a mile. “GOD DAMN IT!” I screamed at myself. “This is RIDICULOUS!” I was finally losing it.
“You know, if you focused more and didn’t get so worked up then your aim would be fine…” A smooth nonchalant voice I knew all too well rang out from behind me.
“Shut up duck-butt, I don’t need your cocky advice…” I spat with a small glare towards none other than Sasuke Uchiha.
“Yeah, I can see…” He noted sarcastically, rolling his eyes at me.
That was it.
I snapped completely and spun around swiftly with a kunai in hand and flung it at directly his head. His eyes widened when he realised what was happening and dodged it ever so slightly which was enough time for distraction. I smirked and disappeared in a puff of smoke only to reappear behind him and kick him square in the back. He flew across the training grounds with me leaping after him. As soon as he hit the ground I grabbed his shirt and threw him a little further. Trying to regain composure he slammed one hand onto the ground and pushed himself upright, skidding back slightly.
“That’s a bit unfair, don’t you think?” He raised an eyebrow and pulled out a couple of hira-shuriken and twirled them gracefully in his fingers.
“No, that’s called being smart and cunning, I see that you have no experience in that area…” I replied coolly with a small smirk toying at the corner of my mouth.
Then it began.
Sasuke started up with a small run before leaping into the air and throwing the pair of steel shuriken at me. I dodged them with ease and flipped back into a defensive position. Sasuke leapt down just in front of me and tried to land a hit. I grabbed a hold of his fist and went for a swift punch in the gut. He deflected my hand and grabbed hold of my arm, turning me around and locking me in place with his chest up against my back.
‘Oh, HELL no!’
Noticing that I still had a hold of his fist, I used that to try and flip him over my back. I placed one foot firmly behind me between his legs and flung him over, making him release my hand at the same time. As his back hit the ground he disappeared in a puff of smoke, leaving a large lump of wood in his wake. A clone.
I spun around urgently and tried to pull out a kunai, but it was a little too late. Sasuke knocked me harshly to the ground and pinned my wrists high above me head as he straddled my waist. My kunai fell out of my hand and I pouted in defeat.
“Like I said; focus more and don’t get so worked up.” He chimed smugly, shooting me a small smirk. I blew my blonde fringe out of my face and shot him a glare. “I hate you, Uchiha. You know that, right?”
He chuckled darkly and flicked his bangs out of his eyes with a quick swish of his head. “Oh Remika, I know you love me deep down.” He teased.
I scoffed “Yeah, sure. Deep, DEEP down.” I replied rolling my eyes. “Now, if you don’t mind, I’d appreciate it if you got your stupid ass off me. This position feels extremely awkward.” I tried moving his body off mine by squirming but that made absolutely no difference. If anything it just made it more uncomfortable.
“Hmm, you know, I’m really quite comfy here. I might just stay put.” He stared down at me evilly with one of those famous Uchiha smirks spread on his cocky face.
My face dropped and I glared at him coldly.
“Sasuke, I swear if you don’t get your fat Uchiha ass off of me, I’ll personally make sure that it’s impossible for you to ever revive your clan.” I threatened.
Sasuke’s smirk faded and his face immediately dropped. Becoming wide-eyed at the seriousness of my words, he slowly released my wrists and pushed himself up off me.
“Yeah, that’s what I thought…” I poked my tongue out at him as I stood up.
“Well, at least it’s official…” He sighed. I raised an eyebrow at him.
“What’s official?” I asked curiously staring him up and down.
“That I’m clearly stronger and you can never defeat me…” He replied casually as he stretched a little. I scoffed and shook my head.
“You’re clearly an overconfident asshole.” I laughed back as I walked off back home. Sure enough, Sasuke went with me, not letting it go.
“I’d be glad to help you out but I’m afraid I can’t tell you my secret…”
“Ha, Sasuke, I know you’re big secret already! Your ‘secret’ won’t help my fighting in the least…” I scoffed with a smile plastered to my face. The raven haired boy raised an eyebrow at me curiously. “It’s ok to be gay…” I whispered as I backed away slowly.
His eyes widened and his fists clenched together.
“WHAT!?” He exclaimed with a look in his eye threatening that he was bound to beat me to death at any given second. I raised my hands in surrender while he continued to shoot his famous Uchiha death glares at me. “It’s not hard to spot man, and it kind of explains a lot!” I was laughing my ass off on the inside. It was hilarious to watch Sasuke squirm!
“That’s it, you’re a dead woman!” He exclaimed starting to run after me. I turned and bolted and let myself laugh on the outside too.
“Oh please, what are you gonna do? Try and beat me to death with your new purse!?” I laughed back while running for my life.

Making a sharp turn to the left with a small skid and looking behind me was a bad idea. The second I turned back around I managed to run straight into a wall. I rebounded backwards and landed on the ground roughly. I sat on the ground for a moment and rubbed my head in pain, cursing under my breath. Suddenly I heard a laugh from in front of me.
I looked up in surprise to see a highly entertained Naruto practically rolling around on the floor in a fit of laughter. There he was, clenching onto his side with tears streaming down his face, while I sat sore and embarrassed.
“Shut up, it’s not funny. My occasional clumsiness is nothing to be laughing about…” I grumbled with a pout, still rubbing my head.
“Occasional!?” He breathed through a laugh. He wiped some of his tears away with one hand and helped pull me to my feet with the other just as Sasuke rounded the corner and skidded to a stop.
“What the hell’s so funny?” He asked slightly sourly as he gave Naruto odd looks.
“Oh god, you should have seen it, she ran straight into me thinking I was a wall!” He laughed a little more. Sasuke raised an eyebrow at me. I swear he was laughing hysterically on the inside because one corner of his mouth curved up slightly. “Again?” He snorted. I glared at him icily. Sure it wasn’t as good as his glares, but it was pretty freakin’ close.
“Shut up, last time it was a wall, not this weirdo…” I defended, jerking a thumb in Naruto’s direction.
“Hey!” Naruto shouted out, realising what I had implied. I rolled my eyes and dusted my self off.
“Jeez, and you guys say I’m slow…” I muttered loud enough for them to hear. Naruto’s expression became a small pout as he stared at me with his shining blue eyes. I tilted my head at him and smiled softly. “I’m sorry…” I apologised still smiling widely on the inside. I turned back to Sasuke who had returned to glaring at me. “Not sorry about you though!” I giggled poking my tongue out at him childishly. He rolled his eyes and turned around to leave. Naruto and I ran up to him and grabbed one of his arms each. “Sasuke-kuuuuuuuun” I whined like his annoying little fangirls. I felt him shudder slightly under my grip. “Sasukeeeee” Naruto joined in.
“WHAT!?” Sasuke yelled getting really pissed off. Naruto and I shot a quick glance at each other.
“We’re hungryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…” We whined simultaneously. Sasuke’s jaw clenched and he closed his eyes.
“Will you stop acting like morons if I buy you lunch?” He asked stiffly with his eyes still closed and his jaw clenched tightly.
“Maybe…” I giggled.
“YES!” Naruto smiled widely with his eyes shutting as he did so. Sasuke sighed loudly and asked a rather stupid question.
“What do you guys want?”
“RAMEN!” We yelled beaming at him. He shook his head and muttered something that sounded a lot like ‘crazy weirdos’ but I could see a small smile forming on his lips.

On the way to the Ramen stand I couldn’t help but feel weird. A shiver ran violently down my spine and I subconsciously wrapped my arms around myself.
“Remika, are you cold?” Naruto asked noticing my sudden behaviour.
“No, not at all, I just feel… odd…” I replied looking around cautiously.
I felt almost as if I was being watched. Creepy.
I could see Sasuke staring at me strangely out of the corner of his eye as we approached the Ramen shop. I turned my head completely towards him and gave him a stare as if to say ‘What the hell are you looking at now, Duck-butt?’ He turned his attention to the Ramen menu. I stared up at the menu and went with the usual, as did Naruto. Sasuke on the other hand decided to be a sourpuss and sat in between us with his arms folded firmly across his chest. He looked like a freakishly life like sculpture. His features were chiselled and his skin was pale and smooth.
“Seriously Sasuke, why don’t you eat something?” I asked getting slightly frustrated with the way he was just sitting there. He turned to me with a small ‘hn’ and simply stared at me with his onyx eyes. “Oh don’t tell me, you’re on a diet.” I mocked rolling my eyes and turning back to my yummy ramen. He let out a small ‘hmph’ and went back to his nonchalant position. ‘Well, I can see you’re feeling social today…’ I thought staring at him out of the corner of my eye as I pushed my bowl in front of me. “Done~” I chimed happily, smiling at Naruto who was happily finishing his fourth bowl. I rolled my eyes and stood up placing some money on the counter.
“I thought I was paying?” Sasuke asked softly, staring at me expressionlessly. I shrugged and turned to leave. I gave them both a small wave before heading off happily. I felt a shiver again and scanned the area timidly. The feeling of being watched was getting worse and was really starting to creep me out. I walked on for a while, still looking around nervously. God I was being paranoid. If it was late at night then sure, it’d be ok to be a little paranoid but jeez, 2:00 in the afternoon was ridiculous.
“Remika-Chan” I jumped in surprise as I head my voice and reflexively grabbed the area where my heart was.
“Holy shit, Kiba, you scared the crap out of me…” I breathed staring at the rather ruffled looking dog-lover.
“You feeling ok, Remika? You look kinda pale…” He observed leaning back a bit with one eyebrow raised. I looked up at him nervously and nodded once. “Are you sure? You look really sick…” he placed one hand on my forehead to check my temperature. I gently knocked his hand away and smiled.
“Don’t worry, Kiba, I feel fine” I reassured him. He smiled his canine toothed grin and put his hands in his pockets. “Hey, Kiba, have you seen Hinata? I’ve been meaning to catch up with her for a while now.” I asked folding my arms to try and prevent the shivers. “Uh, yeah, she’s at home. Neji and the rest of the family are out so you two can have a girl’s day in together, maybe even a night. Then I can drop by…” He answered happily with a wink, trailing off into his own little perverted fantasy.
“Pervert…” I scoffed with a small smile. “I’ll see you later!” I called out as I ran off to find Hinata, waving behind me. I needed to go somewhere indoors and hang out with someone I was close to. That would stop me from acting all paranoid. Hinata was an amazing friend so naturally she sprang to mind first.
Halfway there and I was shivering again. It was the middle of the afternoon and still bright outside. I shouldn’t shiver at all at that time. Maybe Kiba was right and I was sick… really sick. ‘Stop it, stop it! You are not sick now quit being paranoid!’ I mentally slapped myself and started to calm myself down. Just as I was finally getting calm and had stopped shivering, there was a rustle in some nearby greenery. I stopped dead in my tracks and stared wide eyed at the foliage. I closed my eyes and shook my head rapidly. ‘STOP IT, STOP IT, STOP IT! STOP ACTING CRAZY! It’s the WIND! The WIND I tell you now pull yourself together and KEEP WALKING!’ I mentally screamed. Three birds flew out from the foliage, tweeting away.
‘See? Nothing.’
I was finally losing it.
I sped up the pace a little becoming desperate to see Hinata. I was going to snap at any given second!

---Somewhere nearby---
“This is the chick we’re meant to bring back, un?” A curious voice asked holding up a small picture. A small grunt was heard from another.
“Yep, she’s the one…” A deeper voice confirmed.
“Why? She seems like any other normal ninja… pretty though, yeah…” the first voice noted.
“Hn, I suppose, but according to Leader she’s unique…” The second voice explained. There was a small puff of smoke causing the hiding place in some greenery to ruffle. “Have you two had any luck in getting the girl yet?” A monotone voice asked staring down at the two men.
“No, we’re waiting, yeah. Why don’t you just leave us to it? We don’t need your help, hmm.” The first man shot back, moulding three small birds in his hands. The three birds fluttered to life and flew out of the tree.
“I’m here to help you anyway. Orders from Leader…” The newest arrival answered coolly, completely ignoring the piercing glares being shot towards him.
“Let’s just get this done with…” The deeper voiced man muttered.
I quickly rounded a corner into the next street, nearly at Hinata’s house. I felt a wave of relief run over me and tried to speed up. I looked quickly down at the ground and then back up to be suddenly faced by a tall, intimidating figure. I gasped and shot back a bit. He was tall with raven hair pulled back into a small ponytail at the nape of his neck, with sharp red eyes that looked like sharingan. I could see a fishnet shirt underneath his black cloak, patterned with red clouds. I’d been told about that patterned cloak before. Jiraiya had mentioned it to me once before…
“Remika Takahashi?” The man’s monotone voice asked coolly. He sounded sinister and yet so beautiful. I shook slightly and blinked up at him. He was so tall and gorgeous, and yet he looked so much like…
“Sasuke…” I breathed aloud. His eyes narrowed a little and he stepped closer to me.
“Close, but no, I am Itachi Uchiha.” He chuckled lightly.
Laughter. How very rare for an Uchiha
“Hmph, alright then, what do you want?” I asked rather calmly in an attempt not to freak and run, which was exactly what I wanted to do.
Itachi Uchiha… He’d attacked three senseis before with his partner in crime; a large missing-nin with pale blue skin. Kisame, his name was. The ‘Monster of the Hidden Mist’… Was the older Uchiha seriously going to attack again?
“It’s not just what he wants, hmm” Another smooth voice echoed behind me. This one sounded more lively and curious, but still traced a sort of psychotic tone. I turned to see a blonde with long hair, clearly a man due to the pitch of his voice and his masculine scent. He had one bright baby blue eye visible filled with curiosity, the other being hidden by his long bangs. He was gorgeous too.
‘Great. I’m being mugged by a gang of pretty boys in fancy dress…’
“Oh, is that so? And who else is there that wants something from me?” I asked smoothly, raising an eyebrow as I looked between the two men.
“Apart from the three of us, I can think of at least one.” A slightly shorter, beautiful man with blood red hair walked out to my right and stared at me curiously with creamy chocolate brown eyes. “Leader…” He finished.
“So what? You guys are like this ‘Leader’s’ bitches?” I mocked with a small smirk. Their eyes narrowed and I raised my hands to either side of my head in a way of saying sorry.
“He’s powerful, and he’s sent us to get you. Apparently you’re… unique…” Itachi claimed smoothly sending shivers up my spine.
I quirked an eyebrow at the peculiar gang, “How so?” I asked staring at all three of them. The blonde chuckled
“Tch, that’s what we want to know, un!” He stared at me with an almost crazy glint in his visible baby blue eye.
“Unfortunately Leader only gave us your name, age and picture to find you with. We were told that once we found you somewhere in Konoha that we should be careful…” The red head explained softly with practically no emotion to read. His face stayed expressionless and reminded me of a sleepy child with the way his eyes seemed to droop, and how his hair was ruffled yet fell perfectly over his face.
“Very careful…” The blonde added snapping me out of my observation. I let out a small laugh and shook my head.
“I don’t see why I should go with you… I don’t know why this ‘Leader’ person wants me and frankly I’m fine where I am…” I scoffed, starting to walk away from the intimidating three. All of a sudden all three were stood firmly in front of me. I remained unfazed as I looked boredly up at them while they stared down with questioning glances.
“I’m afraid you don’t have much choice, yeah.” The blonde stated keeping his cool. I kept my calm expression and stepped towards him.
“I’d like to see you try and get me…” I muttered slamming him back suddenly. I jumped back a few feet after to avoid the other two. I slipped a kunai into my hand and twirled it once while I worked out what to do.
Fun with the Akatsuki
So, that's chapter one of my story (FIRST STORY TO BE POSTED ON DEVIANTART!) Sorry it's not too good, I've been getting writers block for a while, so yeah.

BE WARNED: The chapters of this story do contain foul language.

I hope it's alright, it's all your opinion. Favorites and feedback mean so much to me, so thanks everyone :)

Chapter 2 will be out soon :D

EDIT: Whoo, so I finally re-wrote this chapter. I haven't added much to this one in particular, though. Most of the extra details will be included in the chapters that follow. Thanks to everyone for your support~ I'm sorry it's taken so long for me to get back around to this. :s


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